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Ignitize assists owners in preparing valuations and appraisals of their businesses professionally. Our experts can determine the assessment of a company, depending on your needs.

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Our experts undertake valuation and appraisals based on the size, geographic distribution, and timing on challenging projects. The selected and organized working groups assess each assignment carefully to ensure the highest level of quality and compliant with regulation and industry best practices.

Our approach to valuation and appraisals service

At Ignitize, we offer a tailor-made solution to meet the need of each client. In short, all the consulting services are designed and planned in a professionals methodology to achieve the goal of a business. This is the hallmark of our company.

To add further, a business valuation designed by our professionals will play a crucial role in achieving your objective and goal.

Our core services

  • Help sell your business at the best market value.
  • Offer a lender with a fair market value to procure a business loan.
  • Assist in the merger, acquisition or stock offering.
  • Protect your wealth with a reliable estate and tax plan.
  • Help to transfer the business into a trust or develop a succession plan.
  • Check the value of assets and liabilities in case of a divorce settlement.
  • Help attorneys in taking legal action.
  • Insurance claim settlement.
  • Develop an employees stock ownership plan.

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