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Marketing strategy consulting for the international market entry

Implementing growth opportunities with international marketing
The national markets are increasingly saturated for already established products and often a cut-throat competition prevails. New international markets, on the one hand, offer new sales markets for providers of established products and on the other hand, they offer the possibility to build up an international brand and establish it internationally for fast-growing new products.

International Marketing

International marketing consulting for the successful international market entry

Our marketing consulting for international marketing supports our customers in all tasks concerning the international market entry. Our strategy consulting for international marketing develops the marketing strategies and the marketing concepts that are necessary for the international marketing entry together with our clients. This also includes orienting all company activities towards the domestic and foreign markets.

The services of our marketing consulting for international marketing for international market entries and growth marketing include in detail:

  • Situation analyses, market analyses, competition analyses and potential analyses for potential international market entry regions
  • Orienting the international marketing towards the particular environment (economically, culturally, political-legally, socially) of the region
  • Adjusting the business objectives to the international market entry
  • Choosing the internationalization strategy (global, transnational, international and multinational marketing)
  • Defining the strategic business areas for the international market entry
  • Developing international marketing strategies and marketing concepts
  • Adjusting the market choice strategy, market entry strategy, market development strategy
  • Creating marketing activities in international marketing
  • Development and organization of the marketing system
  • Internet marketing strategies for the international market entry
  • Marketing controlling of international marketing

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