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Location Analysis

Location analysis is a decision-making process directed at discovering the most suitable location for the business, keeping in mind the important business parameters. It is a detailed study of location that helps business decision makers sort out through different locations to short-list the most optimal.

Location of any business has direct impact on:

  • Operational Costs: These costs include rentals, accessibility, availability of labor, energy costs, transportation costs, to name a few. How easy is it for employees to reach the property, how high are the rentals, does the area have the potential to recover operational costs? Is it expensive to logistically transport essential ingredients, raw materials, building costs, etc?
  • Sales & Revenue Potential: Location is extremely crucial, not just from point of view of visibility, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. This not only determines the sales and revenue potential but also impacts the future expansion of services. Can a property accommodate increased demand, changes and alterations, if need be?
  • Customer Experience: Health & Wellness is hugely dependent on customer experience and the word-of-mouth it can generate. And most health & wellness require strategic factors like proximity to nature, the potential for Instagram worthy properties, the vibe of the place, and even simple things like light, breeze, and ease of accessibility. Customer experience is also based on the expertise of labor available.

We provide end-to-end analysis of locations as well as help identify the right locations based on your requirements and budget.

Project Management

Infrastructure Development Support

Developing the facility to match the concept requires close coordination and understanding with various third-party stakeholders.

  • Coordination with Architect: It is critical for the architect to grasp the concept and vision of the facility. Our services include:
    • Facilitating the kick-off meeting with architect to explain the concept, theme, facilities / area program.
    • Explaining operational requirements of every zone within the facility.
    • Analysing, reviewing and finalising the most suitable option amongst the blueprints submitted by the architect.

  • Fitout Execution Support: Fitouts at a facility determine and how well they are executed impact the eventual service quality and the premiums you can charge. Fitout execution also impacts overall budget and the need to re-do a set-up. Our services include consulting on:
    • Plumbing requirements: Plumbing requirements need to be neatly inserted in the overall blueprint as re-doing plumbing at a later stage not only impacts the budget but also the overall completion timeline.
    • Electrical requirements: Every zone has a separate electrical requirement, which needs to be identified upfront before interior designers take over.
    • Coordination with interior designing team: Just like the architect, it is essential to bring interior designers on board with concept, theme and overall look of the facility. We work in close coordination with interior designer, including identifying the right designers to execute the concept.

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