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A feasibility study is a crucial part of the business development plan. The play may focus on various aspects of a business: expenditure on new assets, product launch, new market, and so on. At Ignitize consulting, we offer quality services to clients based on their demand and needs.

Why is the feasibility study crucial for your business?

Business plans are concerned with using the financial resources of a company. Each business plan faces risk factors like if objectives are not met. Thus, it is essential for a company to see all possibilities in the planning and evaluate the risk of failure. It is where a feasibility study becomes imperative when outside sources like credit, venture capital, and soon are in use.

What is a Feasibility study's deliverable?

A feasibility study contains a written report with glimpses of finding with verified inputs and data calculation. The calculation is usually a financial report prediction or an ROI for a specific time. The report comes to clients with following factors depending on your business plan-

  • Goals of the business plan.
  • Evaluation of chosen technology in term of design, capacity, and supplier.
  • Calculate the cost and expenses in the purchase, installation, operations, and so on.
  • Evaluation of operating costs, including raw material, energy, maintenance, and so on.
  • Presumed customers, distribution channels, and value in marketing.
  • Impacts on the environment.
  • Study of the market demand, competition, and price.
  • Study the location and acquire approval from local and government authorities.
  • Find out compliance with the business strategy and plan.

We are a team of experts with year of experience in delivering feasibility study to clients in a variety of industries. Contact us for services now.

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