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Internal controls are specialized systems and procedures to make sure that employees do their works ethically and honestly with a continuous dependency of the accounting system.

Internal Controls

The need for an internal controls structure arises when a company grows. Some of the control mechanisms come in an organization during the evolution process, but still, gaps remain which require a formal control plan to fill in. It is where Ignitize consulting works can be helpful to your organization.

Our company helps to create or redefine the existing control mechanism to prevent risks. That is because our professionals will watch the implementation of internal controls and evaluate them often with your management team.

Why choose us?

Our professionals have decades of experience in internal controls working with firms in various niches, ranging from Hospitality, finance, to technology companies. We offer effective services to clients combining internal control experience and knowledge. Our teams are adept in identifying and removing financial reporting issues, risk factors and fraud in a controlled manner.

We offer quality internal controls consulting services, as follows –

  • Create a new internal control process.
  • Evaluate existing controls.
  • Evaluate the risk factors.
  • Re-evaluation of existing controls for documentation and enhancement.

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