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Operations of a wellness facility is a complex process. We provide end-to-end operations support and include the following services:

Location of any business has direct impact on:

  • Menu & Service Planning: Competition analysis provides critical information on what the Unique Selling Proposition of a facility should be. Based on the USP, theme and vibe of a facility, the menu of offering should be created. The key words in the menu, explanation of service offering also helps in marketing the brand to the right target audiences. We help plan and design menu of services offered.
  • Creation of General Operational Guidelines: For a facility to run seamlessly, coordination between various departments is critical. We provide general operational guideline for coordination between various departments including sales, front desk, human resources, operations, accounts, marketing etc.
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures: While coordination between departments is essential, it is only possible, if every department works based on their standard operating procedures. We provide detailed SOPs for different departments to function smoothly.
  • Recruitment Support: We provide contacts and access to relevant professionals and institutes in recruiting the required staff with the right mindset. We also provide market intelligence on competitive compensation packages etc. to attract and retain the right talent. We also consult on shortlisting, interviewing and recruiting right professionals.
  • Training & Development: A well-trained staff is key to the success of a wellness facility. The staff needs to be trained on SOPs set for the organisation. We provide training to new staff, provide refresher training and train leaders within the staff to conduct future training.
  • Technology Recommendations: Data management is key to the success of a business in today‚Äôs Big Data environment. A large variety of data management software are available in the market. We help identify, shortlist and provide customisation guidelines on the software most appropriate for individual facility requirements. Similarly, we provide support to help identify software for operational management, marketing and financial management based on auditing requirements.
  • Facility and Service Audits: SOPs and technology provide basis for conducting audits, either internal or via third party auditors. We conduct audits to provide stakeholders an insight into the functioning of the facilities, and help identify areas of attention and improvement.

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