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Ignitize consulting is a leading name in hotel revenue management services, helping independent hotels to increase their financial performance. Our revenue outsourcing specialists use an innovative and proven methodology to grow the revenue of the client’s hotel.

Being specialized in the hospitality and tourism industry, our consultants won’t leave a stone unturned to discover ways to increase revenue and profits. Our team can bring dynamism in revenue growth for your business.

How can our team bring revenue growth?

We incorporate our yield experts in your hotel management and operation with your team. Our experts will work in revenue management besides your employees using the best practices, proven techniques, and travel distribution development. With the assistance of an in-house team, you will be ready to outperform your competitor and become a leader in the local market.

We can offer the following services to clients after taking over a hotel or a project –

Our Revenue Management Mission

  • Select a top market segment for the hotel.
  • Develop budgeting and forecasting model used in the market segments.
  • Aim for revenue growth increase demand and better services.
  • Increase the demand by sharing with potential distribution channels.
  • Enhance direct sale and distribution from the website or phone.
  • Design pricing management.
  • Set pricing for public and discounted rates.
  • Offer revenue management service regularly.

Competitor Evaluation

Our team will study the main competitors of your hotel to evaluate prices regarding product offering. We develop a report assessing both the strength and weakness of competitors and your hotel. In this way, we build the best price-value relationship for your hotel to create an edge over your competitors.

Price Benchmarking

Price benchmarking helps in comparing price strategies of the main competitors and your hotel. This report helps to find out the public rates and negotiated prices such as corporate price offerings.

Our team will help to look at the day by day rates by length of stay. Our experts will see how rates are competitively priced to recommend new or revise the existing pricing grid.

Online Distribution Strategy

Our experts will develop the implementation of online distribution strategy action plan. We focus on getting maximum results contracting online and offline distribution channels for your hotel.

Apart from that, we offer the following services to clients –

  • Creating distribution benchmarking
  • Develop new pricing grid
  • Set a demand calendar
  • Forecasting Model
  • Design rate strategy sheet

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