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Hotel asset management is a process of overseeing assets to enhance their operating performance. The need for an asset management service arises when an owner desires to sell its property, meet the demand of lenders and investors, and acquisition opportunity has been offered. However, the ultimate goal of this service is to protect an owner’s interest and enhance the economic value of the asset.

Why choose Ignitize consulting service?

Resources, research and techniques are essential to offer a reliable hotel asset management service. At Ignitize, we have experienced asset managers to provide accurate reviews about property condition and opportunities. Based on the analysis, we present recommendations and issues to owners that may hamper superior investment returns.

As the hospital industry grows, the need for an experienced hotel asset manager becomes imperative to developers, owner, investor and operators. The consultant can help resolve the complex issues arising in asset management to achieve their goals.

Why choose Ignitize for Hotel Asset Management Needs?

Ignitize’s hospitality consultants have an array of talent and expertise necessary to get superior management service. With a team of experts, we offer professional consulting services for a range of areas. For instance, in real estate, we can provide valuation, appraisal, construction, investment strategies, operator selection, financial performance, marketing, and soon. In other words, we can help owners to make an informed decision and develop strategies to get maximum asset value.

Our team focuses on to offer strategies steering towards the owner’s goal and objective while dealing with a manager, franchisors, and other parties. Further, we work in a multidimensional approach which consists of hotel operations, finance, construction, real estate, legal issues, marketing, and risk factors.

So, our expert hotel asset managers can help in the following cases –

  • Asset management services.
  • Property valuation and appraisal.
  • Assist in portfolio and asset acquisition.
  • Help follow legal procedures with diligence.
  • Assist in strategic planning.
  • Enhancement of value.
  • Design exit strategy.
  • Avoid asset oversight.
  • Develop finance strategies.

As we possess excellent domain expertise, we bring experience and relationship with franchise and management companies executives. Best of all, our expert consultants can offer valuable insights to get measurable and sustainable results in the following services –

  • Competitive analysis.
  • Planning for staff and interim management.
  • Buying and internal controls.
  • Positioning of property.

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